Siatista, Kozani

 Siatista, Kozani – Tradition, preserves quality!

sapnaras-furs-siatista-traditional-doorBuild at an altitude of 930 m Siatista is a small town located in the northern part of Greece, 55 km away from Kastoria. Known for its fur craftsmanship for over 2 centuries, Siatista has known great economical and cultural growth during the 17th century. Walking between the narrow cobblestone lanes one can still see the magnificent mansions of the past and admire their unique architecture.

It is in this magnificent place that we were taught all about fur, and there was no better place to host our fur workshop. Our experience goes back 60 years of devotion to the production of quality items. We stay faithful to handmade unique items that fully satisfy the unique needs and personality of our customers.