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Fur Custom Orders

We specialize in fur custom orders to provide you with an item that will fit exactly your imagination! Your satisfaction is most important to us.

Fur Renewals & Fur Repairs

We also renew or repair your old fur! Bring us any fur you want changed or repaired, and we’ll transform it into a new one! Among the most common major changes is the replacement of the collar and the hems, the removal or addition of external pockets and even a whole model change. Our repair work includes everything your fur will ever need:

  • Sleeves and hems – shorten or lengthen
  • Buttons, hooks and eyes, snaps or zippers – replace or reattach
  • Buttonholes – make or repair
  • Linings – replace or repair
  • Pockets – replace, repair
  • Shoulder pads and dress shields – add, replace or remove

For any further questions or requests, please don’t hesitate to contact us.